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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve heard about people being hypnotised and then doing silly things like running around clucking like a chicken, this puts me off, would this happen to me?

A. Absolutely not we follow professional code of ethics, we use hypnosis and related techniques to help you get over a fear or phobia, or limiting belief and you will never do something that you are not comfortable with.

Q.  Is hypnosis safe?

A.  Yes it is perfectly safe all of our team are fully qualified and experienced.

Q.  I have always been frightened of spiders can I be cured?

A.  A fear of spiders, other insects and reptiles is very common and we have successfully worked with people to get over this fear.

Q. I have a fear that to most people it would sound ridiculous, but it’s real to me and does prevent me enjoying life to the full, is this something that you could do to help?

A. Yes, fear is very personal and very real. We use proven techniques that will help you get over the fear.

Q. Something happened to me when I was young, although most of the time I can push the memory away, but even now 30 years later every so often its there which leaves me feeling insecure, frightened and alone, is there anything that can be done for me?

A. Yes, Many people come to us with these types of issues; we have proven techniques to help.

Q. I have to give an important presentation at work and I’m terrified of stuttering, drying up and making a fool of myself – is this something you can help me with?

A.  Yes absolutely public speaking is one of the top things most people fear. People that have been in similar situations having completed one of our courses like confidence building or presentation skills and have been equipped with the skills and know-how to be successful. Our one to one sessions are also popular.

Q. I am going to be made redundant soon from a company where I have worked for a long time, I feel helpless, angry and insecure which is affecting my relationships at home and work, is there anything you can do to help?

A You are not alone – we have helped many people in this type of situation, our one to one sessions will help.

Q. I have worked hard to get to a senior position at work, but I know feel hemmed in as though I’m in a room with high walls and I can’t find the way out–I’ve been feeling like this for some time, its making me generally unhappy. Help!

A. Many people may feel like this at different points in their life – we have successfully worked on a one-to one basis with a broad range of people to help them find a solution.

Q. I am desperate to lose weight, I have tried all sorts of diets, but I can’t seem to stick with them, is there anything you can do to help?

A. This is quite common, and we can help. We have worked successfully with many people in the same situation.

Q. I feel that I have reached a crossroads in my career, and I feel uncertain of which direction I should take, can you help?

A. Yes. Many people often feel like this at some point in their career. Our one to one sessions will be beneficial and will help with options and choices.

Q. I am thinking of booking on one of your training courses, how many people will be on the course?

A. Generally there will be 10-16 people depending on the course. We believe that a smaller group is more beneficial to all participants.

Q I have read the testimonials on this website – its sounds like magic, how do these techniques work?

A. We have studied for many years and constantly update our own knowledge; through our depth of experience we use techniques appropriate to the situation and individual. It is very important to us to have a successful outcome.

Q. Not all  the prices for on the website why is this?

A. Everybody has different needs, and will require different amounts of our time in different ways. We offer a free initial telephone consultation at the end of which we will discuss a way forward including prices.

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